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I came across some Humanstuck comic here on tumblr featuring twin Solluxes paired with Eridan while dressed identically. While I think a twin interpretation for Sollux is awesome and interesting, the fact that both twins are romantically involved with one individual is incredibly insulting to me. Because I also have an identical sister.

My entire life, I had to deal with people either treating me as part of a unit, not as an individual. And thanks to the GOD-AWFUL TV/movie twins, people categorize me and my sister according to those unbelievably DUMB and unrealistic "twin stereotypes." I have almost always hated how twins are portrayed in the mainstream media, especially from the Olsen twins (and they aren't even identical! They're fraternal!). They are either devoid of individual personalities or are typcast into "zany" contrasting tropes like "the party girl and the bookworm" sort of thing. Both are just. . .ugh. Twins are separate individuals with unique personalities. However, some shows/movies think that making a pair of twins to be "opposites" make it seem as if they are "breaking the stereotype," but instead they just look like lazy, terrible writers. The only times I can recall not being offended by twin portrayals was Fred and George Weasley (from the BOOKS, the movie versions were eyeroll-inducing characters who said things in unison and had no separate identities) and a pair of fraternal twins from a Disney Channel movie (Tru Confessions), of all things.

Every time I meet new people, I'm bombarded with questions and comments like "Which one is the smart twin/party twin/sporty twin?" "Which one is prettier/smarter/better at X activity?" "Can you read each other's minds?" "Do you like the same things?" "Whoa, you finished her sentence/said a word in unison! That never happens between normal people!" "Which one was born first?" "If I hit you, will she feel the pain too?" "Which one is the evil twin?" "Man, I wish I had a twin! I would have my twin take all of my tests and go to work for me and just goof off all day! That'd be awesome!" (As if your twin would do all that for you? Twins are sentient beings! My God!) "Do you guys ever switch places?" "You could commit a crime and blame it on your twin! Awesome!" "Do you two like the same boys?" "Have you ever fought over a guy?" "Would you ever share a guy?" "It's my fantasy to date a pair of twins! That would be amazing, to have two identical ladies all for myself!"

To add to that last one, I've had several guys hit on me, get rejected by me, and immediately would go hit up my sister (and vice versa). It's like the have a "second chance" at getting the same girl, in their minds. Also, I've had this type of exchange with many peers and "friends":

Peer: Hey Kelley!

Me: Actually, I'm Sarah.

Peer: Whatever, same difference.

To those who think like this: Fuck you. There is a difference. I actually am not offended if someone mistakenly calls me by my sister's name. We're identical in appearance, and while I will correct them, I'm not bothered by it. Being defensive like this or treating me as a carbon copy is offensive and it strips me and my sister of our own personhood.

God, I'm tearing up right now as I type. I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to attack the Homestuck fan who drew/wrote up the Twin Sollux thing. (And if you know who I'm talking about, please do not bother that individual about it or mention his or her name here.) Nor do I think this person was trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. But when I saw it on tumblr, it just pushed me to talk about something that has offended and hurt me and my sister for so many years. And it feels as if it got worse this year because we are both graduating from college. People ask us about whether we will work at the same place. Whether we will do the same things with our lives. Whether we will continue to live together (or within proximity of each other). Whether we can even handle being apart from each other.

I love my sister; she's been my best friend since we were born. But I can't wait for the day that I will be treated as if I am my own person. Not as one piece of a matching set.

Also, I should reiterate that I think a Twin!Sollux can be really awesome if done well. Both of the boys would need to be treated as separate entities with individual personalities and motiviations. And I'm not saying that a polyamorous relationship can't work out, but writing such a relationship featuring a pair of twins can be hugely insulting if not handled well.

Oh My God
Death the Kid
I haven't really shared much about my ambitions to participate in the JET Programme online, but my twin sister and I did apply for the 2012-2013 program. Today, the interview list was posted on the site. I got an interview!! I'm just so overwhelmed and excited!

But my sister didn't, and it's so hard to feel happy when she's so devastated. I'm shaking from bottling up all of this anxiety and exuberance. I don't know why her application was rejected, even though our work history, GPA, and credentials are quite similar (in fact, her GPA is .2 higher than mine). Maybe it's because I've taken one more semester of Japanese language than she has? Or that I was an algebra tutor for a semester? Or something in our essays?

Either way, I need to focus on preparing for that interview. I'll be going to DC from the 8th to the 12th, so I'm really hoping that my interview doesn't take place during that period. It's an SGA funded trip, and it'll be really challenging to cancel my tickets through ASF. As much as I want to go on this trip, this opportunity is more important to me. I just hope that they inform us of the interview time and place before the 8th, or else I'll be in trouble.

KidLiz Anthology: Death Eagle
Death the Kid
This project has been in the works for a loooooong time, but Gin-kyo and I have compiled the very first KidLiz anthology doujinshi! At least, I think it's the only one (if I'm wrong, please please please direct me to where I can buy other KidLiz anthologies/doujinshi).

Title: Death Eagle
Language: English (read left-to-right)
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Love
Pairings: KidLiz, KidLizPatty
Rating: PG (mild language and angst)
Length: 48 pages
Featuring: Three different stories featuring Death the Kid and Liz Thompson (one by Gin-kyo and two short stories by Kamden) plus various KidLiz artworks by contributing artists (Armoured-armadillo, Chii, Aiwatan)
Price: $10 plus shipping (using USPS, shipping will be about $2-2.50 in the US, and the cost will vary by country outside the US)
Payment method: Paypal is preferable, but we can try to accommodate to other forms of payment. :nod:

To order, send an email to with the following information:

dA/Livejournal/User name:
Paypal email:
Full name and address:

Shipping costs will be calculated by your address.

Important Question Pertaining to Benderstuck
Death the Kid
Recently, I began posting the character profiles for Benderstuck on deviantART. I still don't have an entire story outlined, just some themes, concepts, scenes, etc. Right now, I have 11/16 of the profiles digitally colored and finished, so I'll only be posting one a day or so until all of them are finished.

The story in general takes place during the time of Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin. Sozin and the Fire Nation has annexed a couple territories at this time, but he "promises" that there will be no more colonization. The balance of the nations are hanging by a thread, and many wonder how much longer the peace will be maintained, especially since the Avatar has been rather soft on his childhood friend.

Now, I've had a couple comments about the fact that Feferi is still a troll and Rose is, well, white. From the beginning, I was concerned with that too, to be honest. I had a trade-off to make: change the appearances of ALL of the kids (trolls AND humans) to fit each of the cultures, or change no one's appearances and keep them 100% recognizable. It would be strange to make the trolls human and assimilate into the Avatar cultures while leaving the human kids white. For Rose, it'd be more than just changing her skin tone a bit; her hair would need to be darkened too and her eyes would need to be blue.

At first, I thought about making the trolls human, etc, but I remembered that many Homestuck AUs like 50'sstuck feature the trolls with their alien appearances in rather human settings. And so, I thought it could be acceptable in this case as well. Honestly, I'm fine one way or the other; I'd like to know if others have stronger opinions and preferences. And it only takes a few minutes to make the changes, so that isn't a problem.

And so, I prepared some side-by-sides along with a question: Which do you prefer?


It's hard to tell since the image size is reduced, but Feferi's teeth are flattened and her eyes are blue, among the more noticeable changes.


Being A Homestuck Is Fun
Through my fervor for Homestuck and excitement for Avatar: Legend of Korra, I've been working on something awesome.


Thank you Homestuck fandom and your passion for fun AUs and crossovers. And I can't believe that no one's thought of this yet.

I've drawn all 16 kids so far, but these 6 are the only ones I've finished. Once I get a couple more digitally colored, I'll start posting bios and more information.

Though, I'm not sure what to call the crossover. BenderStuck or AvatarStuck? Any other suggestions?

If I Wanted to be on a Roller Coaster, I'd Go to a Theme Park
Death the Kid
Seriously, I only live 30-45 minutes away from the largest theme parks in the world.

This past month has been such a tumultuous roller coaster. From an emotionally exhausting 6-week long job hunt (which finally ended recently, thank goodness), to receiving my own car for the first time in my life (6 years of sharing one with my twin sister, ugh), to having said car get rear-ended by a moron only two days later, to struggling with my dying computer while working fulltime before giving up and buying a new one, all while trying to plan a trip to DC for my RSO and securing funds for it. On the plus side, I am extremely grateful that my computer waited until I had a job before it finally became defunct; I can actually afford its replacement. Also, because the accident was completely not my fault, the other driver's insurance will cover the repairs and a rental, without a raise in my rates. Hooray!

Returning to the Orlando topic, I want to address something. This is a bit untimely, since the main incident occurred when I had little-to-no computer access, but I will say it nonetheless. Orlando, I am disappoint. The obsession with Casey Anthony is sickening. I can't believe that ADULTS would be fist-fighting over the opportunity to be in the courtroom to watch the trial. Don't you have better things to do than to watch the dysfunctions of someone else's family unfold? And where are your priorties on this case, anyway? Why are you all so much more concerned about being a part of a "sensational story" than about a poor, innocent 2 year old who needs justice?

By the way, people, this is not "the Trial of the Century," as commentary and local news tells us. That title has been attributed to the Scott Peterson case, the Michael Jackson case, the OJ Simpson case, etc. Enough with this "Trial of the Century" hyperbole. No one is going to care about Casey Anthony two years from now, and no one will care that you "saw it happen." To quote Billy Flynn, "You're a flash in the pan. In a couple of weeks, no one's gonna give a shit about you. That's Chicago Orlando."

The national news may be obsessing over the Casey Anthony trial, but the local Orlando news is way worse, and it's obnoxious. It's nonstop coverage on the trial, and while I like being quickly recapped about the trial, I feel like I'm being over exposed to it. I'm not even kidding about the nonstop bit, either. It's CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY thunderstorm update CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY local break-in BUT WHO CARES THERE'S CASEY TO TALK ABOUT. My co-workers and peers can't stop talking about Casey too, hence me feeling frustrating and venting about Casey as a result. I hope this trial ends soon, because I'm ready for the madness to end.

Bleh, enough Casey, here's some Homestuck:


I'm working on a Soul Eater version too:


I'm deciding whether to finish this one or not. I'll post them both to deviantART later.

In the midst of my tireless job search, I marathoned through two new series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Homestuck. I've been seeing hordes of artwork, journals, comments, hype, etc about both of these fandoms, and I finally found the time this summer to sit down and catch up. I lost quite a bit of valuable time, but it was worth it.

First, for MLP, I honestly watched very little of the original series, for two main reasons. For starters, I hardly watched TV as a young girl anyway, because I was born with an identical twin. I was playing games with her instead of watching TV shows and movies, for the most part. Secondly, when I did watch TV, I was more interested in "Boys" shows like Digimon and Power Rangers. And now, I wish I could've grown up with MLP:FiM, because it's glorious. The characters are lovably adorable, and the writing was surprisingly funny and entertaining. Although I like all of the main ponies, I particularly like AppleJack, Rarity, and Fluttershy. I never expected to be watching a "Kids" show at age 22 and enjoy it so much.

Homestuck is all kinds of awesome. Admittedly, it was tough to stick it out during the first two Acts; I was getting bogged down by convoluted plotlines and timelines and the excessive dialogue (in l33tspeak and bad Internet instant chat habits, no less). But I was captivated even then, and absolutely entralled and hooked by Act 3. John, Terezi, Karkat, Rose, and the Wayward Vagabond are my favorites so far, and I'm now shipping JohnXRose and KarkatXTerezi. I'm hopeful that maybe Karkat and Terezi aren't dead yet (though it's likely they are), but I find it hard to believe that Rose is dead, especially since John's died three times now and is still a plucky hero.

As for Vriska, I have a love-hate relationship with her character. She's so entertaining and interesting, but she is such a terrible, terrible person/troll. She represents my astrological sign, Scorpio, and while she may be a bitch, I'm relieved that she isn't another "goth" representation of Scorpio. I have nothing against goths, but I don't understand why most horoscope depictions feature a gothic Scorpio. :/

To celebrate entering two new fandoms, I decided to draw a pony riding a troll.


No, it's not supposed to be the other way around. Why would it be?

No one can ride AppleJack. No one.

Help Japan Auction
Death the Kid
I have joined the auction to raise money for humanitarian aid for the Earthquake/Tsunami disaster in Japan at help_japan . I will be auctioning a large copy of my Soul Eater doujinshi Consumed with two bonus prints and a personalized sketch. If your interested, you can see my post here:

I am also still offering the chibi commissions for Best Buddies.

Charity Commissions for Best Buddies
I'm offering really cheap art commissions for charity again. Last time, I was raising money for Shakespeare with Heart, an organization with the United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida that integrates children with special needs (typically those with cerebral palsy, autisim, and down syndrome) with general population children for a summer drama camp. This time, I'm raising money for another inclusion-focused organization: Best Buddies. For those who don't know about Best Buddies, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing opportunities for one-to-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and people of the general population.

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Nuggets of Awesome
Death the Kid
The past two weeks have been nightmarishly stressful, to say the least. I don't know why rampant immaturity, irresponsibility, and negligence among most of my adolescent peers still surprises me. However, volunteering at the local pregnancy center today gave me some perspective on my situation. I may be feeling overwhelmed by my circumstances, but there are so many people in a much more challenging situation than me, and maybe it was my own brand of immaturity to let relatively small things frustrate me so greatly.

That, and these nuggets of awesome helped lighten up my week:

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