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If I Wanted to be on a Roller Coaster, I'd Go to a Theme Park
Death the Kid
Seriously, I only live 30-45 minutes away from the largest theme parks in the world.

This past month has been such a tumultuous roller coaster. From an emotionally exhausting 6-week long job hunt (which finally ended recently, thank goodness), to receiving my own car for the first time in my life (6 years of sharing one with my twin sister, ugh), to having said car get rear-ended by a moron only two days later, to struggling with my dying computer while working fulltime before giving up and buying a new one, all while trying to plan a trip to DC for my RSO and securing funds for it. On the plus side, I am extremely grateful that my computer waited until I had a job before it finally became defunct; I can actually afford its replacement. Also, because the accident was completely not my fault, the other driver's insurance will cover the repairs and a rental, without a raise in my rates. Hooray!

Returning to the Orlando topic, I want to address something. This is a bit untimely, since the main incident occurred when I had little-to-no computer access, but I will say it nonetheless. Orlando, I am disappoint. The obsession with Casey Anthony is sickening. I can't believe that ADULTS would be fist-fighting over the opportunity to be in the courtroom to watch the trial. Don't you have better things to do than to watch the dysfunctions of someone else's family unfold? And where are your priorties on this case, anyway? Why are you all so much more concerned about being a part of a "sensational story" than about a poor, innocent 2 year old who needs justice?

By the way, people, this is not "the Trial of the Century," as commentary and local news tells us. That title has been attributed to the Scott Peterson case, the Michael Jackson case, the OJ Simpson case, etc. Enough with this "Trial of the Century" hyperbole. No one is going to care about Casey Anthony two years from now, and no one will care that you "saw it happen." To quote Billy Flynn, "You're a flash in the pan. In a couple of weeks, no one's gonna give a shit about you. That's Chicago Orlando."

The national news may be obsessing over the Casey Anthony trial, but the local Orlando news is way worse, and it's obnoxious. It's nonstop coverage on the trial, and while I like being quickly recapped about the trial, I feel like I'm being over exposed to it. I'm not even kidding about the nonstop bit, either. It's CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY thunderstorm update CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY local break-in BUT WHO CARES THERE'S CASEY TO TALK ABOUT. My co-workers and peers can't stop talking about Casey too, hence me feeling frustrating and venting about Casey as a result. I hope this trial ends soon, because I'm ready for the madness to end.

Bleh, enough Casey, here's some Homestuck:


I'm working on a Soul Eater version too:


I'm deciding whether to finish this one or not. I'll post them both to deviantART later.

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Congrats on the job!!

OMG your Homestuck meme fill is, like, my brain too.

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