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It's Finally Ready!!
I'm so happy to say that my very first doujinshi is ready for order. I've been working on this on-and-off for about 16 weeks, and I'm so relieved and excited that it's finally done!

Title: Consumed
Series: Soul Eater
Language: English (but read right-to-left)
Genre: Angst, Friendship
Pairings: Implied KidLiz (it's there, but its light, so both shippers and nonshippers can enjoy it ^^)
Rating: PG (mild language and angst)
Length: 24 pages plus a print
Featuring: KidLiz angst, Evil!Kid, Creeper!Liz, and a dash of Patty
Price: $6.50 plus shipping (using USPS, shipping will be about $1.50 in the US, and the cost will vary by country outside the US)
Payment method: Paypal is preferable, but I can be flexible with it depending on the circumstance. :nod:

From the comments on my journal on deviantART, I decided to stick with the smaller, 5.5x8" size. But if you really do want the 8x11" instead, we can discuss it.

To order, please send me a note, so that we can exchange Paypal emails and discuss the details.

Also, major thanks to Pyrofox-forever7890. Her fanart inspired the idea for the story, and she graciously let me borrow those themes.

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I just wanted to say you're awesome and thank you for making a Soul Eater fanbook! There are barely any English fanbooks, period, never mind Soul Eater ones!;;

Aww, thank you! :D There are especially few Soul Eater fanbooks in English, and I had a lot of fun drawing this one. If this is received well, I'd like to do more.

Mum says Im not old enough to order online. Then again...even at 19 shed say the same thing.
Good luck!
I hope you'll still sell these when on my own. XD

If you don't mind my asking, how is it bound? I'm assuming that it's stapled based off of how inexpensive it is, but I'm just curious as to if it's like, the folded in half and stapled with a spine or if it's stapled on the sides or what.

The book is folded in half and stapled in the spine. :D

Is this doujinshi still available to buy? Could I order it and Death Eagle at the same time, by any chance?

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