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Charity Commissions for Best Buddies
I'm offering really cheap art commissions for charity again. Last time, I was raising money for Shakespeare with Heart, an organization with the United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida that integrates children with special needs (typically those with cerebral palsy, autisim, and down syndrome) with general population children for a summer drama camp. This time, I'm raising money for another inclusion-focused organization: Best Buddies. For those who don't know about Best Buddies, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing opportunities for one-to-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and people of the general population.

Original Characters
Real people
Pairings (except for SasuSaku, NaruHina, SasoDei, and KidCrona)
Light Shoujo-ai and Shounen-ai
So pretty much anything that isn't in the "Will Not Do" list

Hateful images
Controversial figures
Anything that would require a Mature Filter
Questionable/sexual content featuring minors
If you're not sure, just ask. ^^

I will take up to ten commissions at a time (as formatted below), and they are "first come, first serve." PM me if you want to commission me, and I'll add you to the list once I receive your donation. If the list fills up and you wanted a commission, I'll note you when the next ten slots are open. :D

Commission List:
Sketch/Lineart/Flat Colors
1. Nenena (LJ) Liz & Patty flat colors
2. Gin-kyo (deviantART) Neji & Tenten flat colors
3. MiaKa-CiD Black:star:Star & Tsubaki flat colors
Cell Shading/Soft Shading
1. Samiemonkey (deviantART) Ciel & Alois cell-shading
Background (cell or soft shading)
1. Primi-chan (LJ) Ed Elric and Kisa soft shading

Link for the Maka chibi:

You can either donate to Best Buddies through my groups's donation page (which requires that you give personal information like your name and address, but it gives you a "receipt" for charitable tax deductions), or you can send the donation to me via Paypal, and I'll send it to the Best Buddies donation site (if you want to avoid giving your information away).

As you can tell, I have a passion for these types of organizations. I have a good friend who has been enriched by the programs of Best Buddies and the UCP. We became friends early in high school, and I had lunch with him and his girlfriend (now fiancee) almost everyday. I've personally seen how programs like Best Buddies helped him not only gain a friend, but learn to reach out and make friends like my sister and me. I can honestly say that there's no cheerier person than him, and he's a student at UCF like me, studying theater. I've also volunteered my time for a program like these when I was in high school, called Freedom Ride. I assisted with therapeutic horseback riding lessons for children with disabilities.

Last time I offered these commissions, I managed to raise a good amount of money. I hope to do so again, and if time permits, I'd like to raise well over $50 personally. Best Buddies recently saw a dip in their revenues, and they've had to close down a few of their high school chapters (my high school included). I'd be thrilled if my fund raising could bring them a step closer to reopening that chapter.

My twin sister Kelley is also doing art commissions for our team. You can find her commission information here:

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Hi, it's me, Primi-tan!

XD My friends have been pressuring me to get an LJ for weeks, and I finally decided to get one when you mentioned your LJ account.

So, about the commission pairing, hmmm...

Well, it's EdxKisa. Edward Elric is from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Kisa Sohma is a character from Fruits Basket (I don't know if you've read/watched it or not). They were my very first OTP when I joined FFN and fandom in general, and in such, I've been writing a long fic about this couple for the past three years. So I would be very happy if you would do chibi's of them.

I'd like this to be a soft-shaded picture complete with background. The background in question will be the inside of a ferris wheel, with the two characters sitting beside each other dressed in warm winter clothes while it's snowing outside the ferris wheel at night. It's a scene from the fic. You don't have to be too detailed if you don't want to.

If you need some references for Kisa Sohma and Edward Elric, I'll be happy to provide you with some.

Lessie, that totals to $13, and I'll throw in the extra money for the cause.

Thanks so much!

Re: Commision please!

I have not read Fruits Basket, but I think if you could provide a link to that fanfiction scene and a reference picture of Kisa Sohma, I shouldn't have any problems drawing it. ^^ It sounds like a really cute scene. Will Ed still have an automail arm in this scene, or will it just be the automail leg, like in the FMA finale?

I'll send you my Paypal email in a private message, and I'll go ahead and add you the list. Once I receive your payment and refs, I'll begin right away!

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