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In the midst of my tireless job search, I marathoned through two new series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Homestuck. I've been seeing hordes of artwork, journals, comments, hype, etc about both of these fandoms, and I finally found the time this summer to sit down and catch up. I lost quite a bit of valuable time, but it was worth it.

First, for MLP, I honestly watched very little of the original series, for two main reasons. For starters, I hardly watched TV as a young girl anyway, because I was born with an identical twin. I was playing games with her instead of watching TV shows and movies, for the most part. Secondly, when I did watch TV, I was more interested in "Boys" shows like Digimon and Power Rangers. And now, I wish I could've grown up with MLP:FiM, because it's glorious. The characters are lovably adorable, and the writing was surprisingly funny and entertaining. Although I like all of the main ponies, I particularly like AppleJack, Rarity, and Fluttershy. I never expected to be watching a "Kids" show at age 22 and enjoy it so much.

Homestuck is all kinds of awesome. Admittedly, it was tough to stick it out during the first two Acts; I was getting bogged down by convoluted plotlines and timelines and the excessive dialogue (in l33tspeak and bad Internet instant chat habits, no less). But I was captivated even then, and absolutely entralled and hooked by Act 3. John, Terezi, Karkat, Rose, and the Wayward Vagabond are my favorites so far, and I'm now shipping JohnXRose and KarkatXTerezi. I'm hopeful that maybe Karkat and Terezi aren't dead yet (though it's likely they are), but I find it hard to believe that Rose is dead, especially since John's died three times now and is still a plucky hero.

As for Vriska, I have a love-hate relationship with her character. She's so entertaining and interesting, but she is such a terrible, terrible person/troll. She represents my astrological sign, Scorpio, and while she may be a bitch, I'm relieved that she isn't another "goth" representation of Scorpio. I have nothing against goths, but I don't understand why most horoscope depictions feature a gothic Scorpio. :/

To celebrate entering two new fandoms, I decided to draw a pony riding a troll.


No, it's not supposed to be the other way around. Why would it be?

No one can ride AppleJack. No one.

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And omg yaaaaay Homestuck and MLP!

Terezi/Karkat is my OTP too. :)

I like the current fan theory that Jack didn't actually kill Terezi and Karkat, but rather Aradia brought their bodies from the alternative timeline where Gamzee killed them both to fool Jack. Which still doesn't explain why Jack would grab the bodies as trophies if he knows that he wasn't actually the one who killed them (maybe he just wanted to freak Vriska out?). Or I dunno. Either way I think it's a foregone conclusion at this point that most or all of the trolls are going to die, I'm just still hoping that both Terezi and Karkat are going to go down in a more epic way.

Funny. :3 I love your humor art.

(BTW are there going to be any more Akatsuki At Arby's? That was my *favorite* Akatsuki doujin. ^^;)


Talking Homestuck running-gags:

First, be the pony. Second, ride on a troll.

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