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Being A Homestuck Is Fun
Through my fervor for Homestuck and excitement for Avatar: Legend of Korra, I've been working on something awesome.


Thank you Homestuck fandom and your passion for fun AUs and crossovers. And I can't believe that no one's thought of this yet.

I've drawn all 16 kids so far, but these 6 are the only ones I've finished. Once I get a couple more digitally colored, I'll start posting bios and more information.

Though, I'm not sure what to call the crossover. BenderStuck or AvatarStuck? Any other suggestions?

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Actually, I have seen an A:TLA/Homestuck crossover by duedlyfirearms over on tumblr, where most of the Homestuck art and fandom resides. I'm not exactly sure if Shelby has extended on the concept as of now, though. Definitely looking forward to seeing what you will do with it!

The amount of Homestuck AU's and crossovers is simply astonishing, isn't it? I myself am working on a SE/Homestuck crossover fic as of now, originally an on-the-fly RP with shinigamishi.

As for a title, I'd suggest Benderstuck. XD

Oh woah, I did not know that AU! :D Her designs and ideas are pretty interesting. It looks like her approach and concept is a little different than mine.

Oooo, and an SE/Homestuck AU?! 8D DO WANT! I can't wait to see what you develop!

Haha, Benderstuck seems to be the most popular title (and it helps differentiate my AU brainchild from duedlyfirearms's, since she's already calling her's Avatarstuck).

It's not so much an SE/Homestuck AU as it is a direct crossover, where the SE cast get's sucked into playing Sburb. I don't exactly know if I'll make it into a complete fic, but you can read the 6 WIP chapters I've written thus far here if you're interested.

I wish you the best of luck with your AU!~

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