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Important Question Pertaining to Benderstuck
Death the Kid
Recently, I began posting the character profiles for Benderstuck on deviantART. I still don't have an entire story outlined, just some themes, concepts, scenes, etc. Right now, I have 11/16 of the profiles digitally colored and finished, so I'll only be posting one a day or so until all of them are finished.

The story in general takes place during the time of Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin. Sozin and the Fire Nation has annexed a couple territories at this time, but he "promises" that there will be no more colonization. The balance of the nations are hanging by a thread, and many wonder how much longer the peace will be maintained, especially since the Avatar has been rather soft on his childhood friend.

Now, I've had a couple comments about the fact that Feferi is still a troll and Rose is, well, white. From the beginning, I was concerned with that too, to be honest. I had a trade-off to make: change the appearances of ALL of the kids (trolls AND humans) to fit each of the cultures, or change no one's appearances and keep them 100% recognizable. It would be strange to make the trolls human and assimilate into the Avatar cultures while leaving the human kids white. For Rose, it'd be more than just changing her skin tone a bit; her hair would need to be darkened too and her eyes would need to be blue.

At first, I thought about making the trolls human, etc, but I remembered that many Homestuck AUs like 50'sstuck feature the trolls with their alien appearances in rather human settings. And so, I thought it could be acceptable in this case as well. Honestly, I'm fine one way or the other; I'd like to know if others have stronger opinions and preferences. And it only takes a few minutes to make the changes, so that isn't a problem.

And so, I prepared some side-by-sides along with a question: Which do you prefer?


It's hard to tell since the image size is reduced, but Feferi's teeth are flattened and her eyes are blue, among the more noticeable changes.



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