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KidLiz Anthology: Death Eagle
Death the Kid
This project has been in the works for a loooooong time, but Gin-kyo and I have compiled the very first KidLiz anthology doujinshi! At least, I think it's the only one (if I'm wrong, please please please direct me to where I can buy other KidLiz anthologies/doujinshi).

Title: Death Eagle
Language: English (read left-to-right)
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Love
Pairings: KidLiz, KidLizPatty
Rating: PG (mild language and angst)
Length: 48 pages
Featuring: Three different stories featuring Death the Kid and Liz Thompson (one by Gin-kyo and two short stories by Kamden) plus various KidLiz artworks by contributing artists (Armoured-armadillo, Chii, Aiwatan)
Price: $10 plus shipping (using USPS, shipping will be about $2-2.50 in the US, and the cost will vary by country outside the US)
Payment method: Paypal is preferable, but we can try to accommodate to other forms of payment. :nod:

To order, send an email to with the following information:

dA/Livejournal/User name:
Paypal email:
Full name and address:

Shipping costs will be calculated by your address.

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This book is awesome and everybody should have it *A*

And again thanks for having me in!!! ;^;

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