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Oh My God
Death the Kid
I haven't really shared much about my ambitions to participate in the JET Programme online, but my twin sister and I did apply for the 2012-2013 program. Today, the interview list was posted on the site. I got an interview!! I'm just so overwhelmed and excited!

But my sister didn't, and it's so hard to feel happy when she's so devastated. I'm shaking from bottling up all of this anxiety and exuberance. I don't know why her application was rejected, even though our work history, GPA, and credentials are quite similar (in fact, her GPA is .2 higher than mine). Maybe it's because I've taken one more semester of Japanese language than she has? Or that I was an algebra tutor for a semester? Or something in our essays?

Either way, I need to focus on preparing for that interview. I'll be going to DC from the 8th to the 12th, so I'm really hoping that my interview doesn't take place during that period. It's an SGA funded trip, and it'll be really challenging to cancel my tickets through ASF. As much as I want to go on this trip, this opportunity is more important to me. I just hope that they inform us of the interview time and place before the 8th, or else I'll be in trouble.

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I am so thrilled for you. I don't know much about this program, but from what I see, it's quite an honor to be selected. Obviously, this is a true passion of yours, and you definitely need to explore it. As for your sister, even though she is heart-broken for herself, she must be ecstatic for you. Being twins must make it difficult, but for whatever reason, you were the one selected. Don't feel bad about it, embrace it. You two will always share a bond that few people can understand. I hope your interview doesn't interfere with your trip. I am Harold's mom, and I came upon your journal accidentally quite some time ago. I work in the school and the kids love these kinds of books/drawings. Best of luck in everything,

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