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Death the Kid

I came across some Humanstuck comic here on tumblr featuring twin Solluxes paired with Eridan while dressed identically. While I think a twin interpretation for Sollux is awesome and interesting, the fact that both twins are romantically involved with one individual is incredibly insulting to me. Because I also have an identical sister.

My entire life, I had to deal with people either treating me as part of a unit, not as an individual. And thanks to the GOD-AWFUL TV/movie twins, people categorize me and my sister according to those unbelievably DUMB and unrealistic "twin stereotypes." I have almost always hated how twins are portrayed in the mainstream media, especially from the Olsen twins (and they aren't even identical! They're fraternal!). They are either devoid of individual personalities or are typcast into "zany" contrasting tropes like "the party girl and the bookworm" sort of thing. Both are just. . .ugh. Twins are separate individuals with unique personalities. However, some shows/movies think that making a pair of twins to be "opposites" make it seem as if they are "breaking the stereotype," but instead they just look like lazy, terrible writers. The only times I can recall not being offended by twin portrayals was Fred and George Weasley (from the BOOKS, the movie versions were eyeroll-inducing characters who said things in unison and had no separate identities) and a pair of fraternal twins from a Disney Channel movie (Tru Confessions), of all things.

Every time I meet new people, I'm bombarded with questions and comments like "Which one is the smart twin/party twin/sporty twin?" "Which one is prettier/smarter/better at X activity?" "Can you read each other's minds?" "Do you like the same things?" "Whoa, you finished her sentence/said a word in unison! That never happens between normal people!" "Which one was born first?" "If I hit you, will she feel the pain too?" "Which one is the evil twin?" "Man, I wish I had a twin! I would have my twin take all of my tests and go to work for me and just goof off all day! That'd be awesome!" (As if your twin would do all that for you? Twins are sentient beings! My God!) "Do you guys ever switch places?" "You could commit a crime and blame it on your twin! Awesome!" "Do you two like the same boys?" "Have you ever fought over a guy?" "Would you ever share a guy?" "It's my fantasy to date a pair of twins! That would be amazing, to have two identical ladies all for myself!"

To add to that last one, I've had several guys hit on me, get rejected by me, and immediately would go hit up my sister (and vice versa). It's like the have a "second chance" at getting the same girl, in their minds. Also, I've had this type of exchange with many peers and "friends":

Peer: Hey Kelley!

Me: Actually, I'm Sarah.

Peer: Whatever, same difference.

To those who think like this: Fuck you. There is a difference. I actually am not offended if someone mistakenly calls me by my sister's name. We're identical in appearance, and while I will correct them, I'm not bothered by it. Being defensive like this or treating me as a carbon copy is offensive and it strips me and my sister of our own personhood.

God, I'm tearing up right now as I type. I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to attack the Homestuck fan who drew/wrote up the Twin Sollux thing. (And if you know who I'm talking about, please do not bother that individual about it or mention his or her name here.) Nor do I think this person was trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. But when I saw it on tumblr, it just pushed me to talk about something that has offended and hurt me and my sister for so many years. And it feels as if it got worse this year because we are both graduating from college. People ask us about whether we will work at the same place. Whether we will do the same things with our lives. Whether we will continue to live together (or within proximity of each other). Whether we can even handle being apart from each other.

I love my sister; she's been my best friend since we were born. But I can't wait for the day that I will be treated as if I am my own person. Not as one piece of a matching set.

Also, I should reiterate that I think a Twin!Sollux can be really awesome if done well. Both of the boys would need to be treated as separate entities with individual personalities and motiviations. And I'm not saying that a polyamorous relationship can't work out, but writing such a relationship featuring a pair of twins can be hugely insulting if not handled well.


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