It's Finally Ready!!
I'm so happy to say that my very first doujinshi is ready for order. I've been working on this on-and-off for about 16 weeks, and I'm so relieved and excited that it's finally done!

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Ah, The Holidays
So far, it's been a great winter break, and not just because of Christmas. I've been catching up on my sleep, visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (yay), and enjoying the not-so-blistering-hot-and-humid Florida winter weather. Also, I've spent a lot of my time trying to finish my KidLiz doujinshi, and now I only have two pages left to ink/color digitally. After that, I'll need to work out the printing setup and price.

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Doujin Preview
Finally got all of the pages scanned for the KidLiz doujinshi. Minus the covers and extras, the story is going to be 21 pages long. It was originally going to be longer, but I shortened the ending because this project has taken me way too long to finish so far.

Here's a couple preview pics:




Also, back around Halloween, my friend and I carved Soul Eater-themed pumpkins:



Irritated Troika Fan is Irritated
Hold it!
Normally, I try to not get bothered by "odd" crack pairings. It would be hypocritical of me to be irked by crack pairings anyway, since I enjoy a good handful of crack pairings myself. However, I came across something today that just REALLY grates on my nerves.

KidxCrona has always been a pairing that befuddles me, but I don't really pay much attention to it usually. Today, however, I stumbled across a KidxCrona fanart on dA, and something in the Artist's Comments just bothers me to no end:

"I've been drawning Liz and Patty a lot lately (I really enjoyed chapter 78), so a lot of my Kid/Chrona stuff has them in the background." (emphasis added by me)

THE HELL?! A chapter with a touching backstory that reminds us of the beautiful relationship between Kid and Liz and Patty inspires people to DRAW LIZ AND PATTY IN THE BACKGROUND while Kid is with SOMEONE ELSE that he's only interacted with TWICE in the entire storyline and with whom he has practically no relevant relationship?

As a Kid/Liz/Patty fan, I'm getting so tired of seeing people disregard Liz and Patty and push them to the side like this (as if it wasn't frustrating enough when Okubo does it). I'm not trying to encourage people to stop drawing or writing their favorite Kid!crack pairings or anything (if you enjoy it, please continue). I just don't understand how people could forget or think little of the deep relationship Kid has with the Thompson sisters (heck, he has more developed relationship with them than he does with his own father, it seems).

I know, it's irrational to be so upset by something small like this (it doesn't help that I've been in a impatient, testy mood as of late), but I felt the need to rant. Maybe I won't be as bothered by this sort of mentality now that I vented about it.

Help Please!! Doujin and Convention Questions
So, I’ve been considering selling some prints/buttons/etc of my work at MegaCon for over a year now, and recently, I’ve been consumed with the idea of writing/drawing a KidLiz doujinshi. However, I’m extremely inexperienced with both, and so I have questions for those who have either sold doujinshi and art at conventions (particularly MegaCon) or bought doujinshi and art at conventions.

Please, please, please help me by answering any of these questions! And be honest, I really don’t mind. I’d rather hear that my work isn’t best for prints or doujinshi than to be flattered into thinking I could pull this off and end up wasting time, money, and effort.

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Death the Kid
I just returned from my trip to the Keys, which had to be cut short due to weather and other circumstances. And so, I was really disappointed and irritated, until I turned on my computer and came across this:


No words can adequately describe how adorable Death the Kid is. Just when I already thought he couldn't get any cuter, Okubo gives us shota!Kid. This piece of cuteness had eaten my brain, and I desperately need a translation. He's just. . .guh, so cute.

One good thing did come out from my trip to the Keys, though. During the 5 hour drive to Key Largo, an awesome Soul Eater fanart idea popped into my mind. It's complicated and will be time-consuming, but I just can't get the image out of my head. It's so epic, and I hope I can pull it off (though I'll probably fail D:). I'll just leave you with this: The Lost Souls Circus is coming to town. It's a show you'd never forget, or perhaps, never remember.

Okubo, I better be seeing some of this in the next chapter.

Excuse the sloppiness, I don't sketch on the computer often like this, but I just wanted to whip something up really quickly.

On a side note, Patty is holding a Thompson submachine gun. Oh yeah.

Kamden~ As Heard on Radio!
That's right, I was on the radio. Oh yeah.

Recently, one of the radio show hosts at the station at which I'm interning had called in 20 minutes prior to his show to inform the producers that he wasn't going to make it in for his show that day. And so, one of the producers had to take over (again, only 20 minutes to prepare for an hour-long show), and he decided to bring in my sister and me as guest hosts. Kelley and I are not interns for the radio shows (we're there for marketing/advertising sales), so this was completely unexpected.

For the show, however, the producer interviewed us about local politics, particularly as it pertains to young, politically active college students and local youth. As politically active college students ourselves, we were able to competently answers all questions (even from callers), despite the extreme lack of preparation. My boss (the station owner) was particularly impressed with how we handled ourselves on the air, and apparently, our show drew in more callers than that show normally does. I wonder what's next for me. . .

In a completely unrelated topic, I'm finally going to make a serious-ish digital painting. Of course, I am completely unable to move too far away from my usual animu crap (fail artist is fail), so it's a portrait of Death the Kid. Any helpful tips (so I don't fail harder than I already am)?

Man, Kid is really tough to draw semi-realistically! D:  I want him to look young, but I need to make him look masculine too without aging him too much or detracting from his pretty-boyness.  Does he look 13 here? Does this even look like Kid?

Vikings in Florida
Ah, life can be so amusing sometimes. For the past four weeks, I've had an internship making sales calls for a radio station (selling advertising packages to local businesses). And let me tell you, making phone calls for 6 hours a day is really exhausting. And tedious. However, something interesting broke up the monotony: a Leif Erickson was on my call sheets. I kid you NOT, there's a Leif Erickson who manages a real estate firm in Orlando. I was soooooo tempted to make a joke like "so, do you prefer the Florida weather over that of Vinland?" but I decided not to because it would've been unprofessional (and the guy probably gotten jokes like that his entire life).

In other news, Patty Thompson will be making her debut in the Balance series. Of course, Maka, Soul, Black*Star, and Tsubaki will each be making at least one appearance, but Patty (for obvious reasons) will make the most appearances after Kid and Liz.

Here's adult!Patty (age 23):

Designing an older Patty was a little tough, because I wanted her to look a bit more grown up without losing her playfullness. I hope this works.
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Anybody Want Some KidxLiz?
Death the Kid
For a while now, I've been wanting to start a KidxLiz comic/fanart series. In this series, they'll be 22ish and 25ish respectively, and it will revolve around them in a dating/married relationship. However, because I would epicly fail at writing a srs bsns romance (just like how I fail at romance in real life), this will be more of a romantic comedy series.



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